Simple, Effective Signage Can Make a Big Difference for Locally Oriented Businesses

There are countless ways of attracting attention to a business, but a few of the oldest are probably the most reliable. For companies with accessible, physical presences, like retail stores and restaurants, great signage can prove to be one of the best ways of getting noticed. Even when it comes to something as simple-seeming as business signs, though, there are plenty of choices to be made. Signs come in a wide range of basic types and styles, and each of these decisions will impact how useful a particular piece of signage will be.

Probably the most common and recognizable sign installation are those that are meant to grace buildings. Wall signage marks a storefront as a place where particular needs can be satisfied, drawing in customers as they walk or drive by. In most cases, signage of this kind will reflect a company’s chosen branding and image in relatively straightforward, highly visible ways, the point being to make a clear case and reap the resulting dividends.

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The next most common kind are likely those that stand in parking lots and the like, attracting attention from drivers and passengers on nearby roads. Often mounted to tall pylons or semi-permanent stands, these kinds of signage just as regularly have to compete for attention with neighbors. Once again, clarity of message and branding can certainly pay off, but it can be helpful to be a little more aggressive and ambitious, too. With as many as ten slots in a typical shopping center’s signage pylon, those that are too humble or meek will have a harder time standing out.

Even with these two common kinds of signage understood, business owners still have plenty of other options. Window graphics, for example, can be a great way of supplementing wall signage, as by adding detail about a company’s products or services. Graphics of this kind can also make a big difference where wall signage is not allowed or practical, and can even be the primary means of drawing attention to a storefront, if necessary.

Not all signage needs to be permanent, either. Those that are designed for deployment on a sidewalk can be an impressively effective way of attracting attention, and can turn out to especially valuable when regulations permit. With so many potential ways of taking care of this need, business owners often do well to find and work with an expert sign company that will be able to spot the best opportunities and recommend them.

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